Cafe Barcelona

Coffee, Breakfast, Smoothies, and famous Custard Tarts in Streatham

Opening Times:

Monday – Thursday : 8am – 5pm

Friday: 8am – 6.30pm

Saturday: 8am – 6pm

Sunday: 8am – 5pm

Contact Tel: 02087 699169

Email: [email protected]

“King of Breakfasts” 


Order online for collection



Sourdough toast with butter & jam £4

Mashed avocado: £7

On sourdough with pumpkin seeds and chilli flakes

(Add a poached egg +£1, or two +£2)

Just Eggs: £7

Two poached or scrambled eggs on sourdough with alioli

Chorizo eggs: £9

Two poached or scrambled eggs with chorizo on sourdough with alioli

Bacon eggs: £9

Two poached or scrambled eggs with streaky bacon on sourdough w/alioli

Salmon eggs: £9.5

Two poached eggs on sourdough with salmon

Veggie breakfast: £11.5

Two poached or scrambled eggs with avocado, roasted tom, garlic mushroom & beans on sourdough toast with alioli

Full Barcelona breakfast: £11.5

Two poached or scrambled eggs with chorizo, roasted tomato, bacon, beans & garlic mushroom on sourdough toast with alioli

Vegan breakfast: £11.5

Scrambled chickpeas “eggs” with roasted peppers, mashed avocado, roasted tomato & mushroom, on sourdough toast


Ham & cheese with alioli*

Serrano ham, cheddar, rocket & alioli

Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, rocket & alioli v

Sausage, cheddar & caramelised red onion

Streaky Bacon

Brie & Bacon (£+1)

Eat in/t.away  £7/£6

Toppings  £2 (Mozzarella, Brie, tomato, bacon)

also a selection of fresh smoothies, hot & iced coffee, beer & wine


Cafe Barcelona is the love of two musicians, who decided to bring the hospitality and taste of Spain and Portugal to a little corner of Streatham.

A little paradise in the always busy High street of Streatham, Cafe Barcelona feels like home, and you will sense the peace and good vibrations of the place as you step inside (if we are not very busy!), where you can try great coffee, breakfast and homemade cakes while you enjoy the music.

Established 2014

Cafe Barcelona Ltd. / 344a Streatham High Road SW16 6HH

© 2022 Cafe Barcelona

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