Open your own Coffee Shop

Are you thinking in opening your own Coffee Shop Business?

Join me in my first ever online talk on 11/05/22 where I will share some of things I have learned after 8 years in the business. I opened Cafe Barcelona with my wife Claudia in 2014, without any previous experience. Sure it was a bumpy road, and mistakes in business cost money, so this is why I want to help you avoid the mistakes I did, and also give you an inside experience of what running a Coffee Shop Business means.

If I had received the right guidance before opening Cafe Barcelona, I would have literally saved thousands of pounds. 

People come to me often, asking how I did open Cafe Barcelona and what tips can I give to them.

Cafe Barcelona is one of the most successful cafes in Streatham, South London, winner of the 2016 Best Business Award in Streatham, and very much loved by a loyal customer base. I will share with you things I have learned in things such as:

  • Creating a meaningful brand
  • Creating a business plan
  • Finding the right premises
  • Creating a good layout and functioning working space, and decorating a comfortable and appealing environment for your customers
  • The Legal stuff, the Lease, tax liabilities, VAT
  • Finding the right staff
  • Creating a compelling food & drink Menu

This can also help you to make improvements if you already run a Coffee shop or similar business:

  • Increasing sales
  • Profit margins
  • Customer service
  • Business renovation

If you are thinking in opening a Coffee Shop Business, or if you already have one and want to make it grow, you can book a 1 on 1 online consultation meeting with me. I can help you improve your chances on creating a profitable business, giving you a fresh and experienced perspective on your decisions or vision.

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How much money do you need to open a Coffee Shop or Cafe Business?

There is no direct easy answer for this. You can open a coffee shop with £10k or you can spend tenfold that amount. It is going to depend mainly on these 4 factors:
Venue size

To give you an example, we opened Cafe Barcelona, a place that is 70 sq meters, with about £25K, which is an affordable amount.
I have to admit that I did a lot myself, as I enjoy a bit of DIY, from laying the floor to painting the walls. Then I managed to find some good affordable tradespeople that helped us doing other essential work, such as the counter and woodwork, the electrical install, etc…
Claudia is good at decorating and choosing the right pictures, sofas and furniture, so we make a good team.

How much money does a Coffee Shop Business make?

Again there are lot of variables here. One thing is clear, you want to make a profit, and you want to start making it fast. A small/medium sized cafe could have a turnover between £100k-£250k a year. The manager/owner salary can range between £1000-£3000 a month.
These numbers are not set in stone, they are estimates according to my personal experience.
You could be just creating a workplace for yourself and your family, or you could go on to create a multimillion pound chain. Either way it’s a learning curve and competition is high.
It depends on factors such as your location, the maturity of your business, and also on how efficiently you run your numbers, understanding your profit margins.